Brand strategy and creative direction

Brand strategy and creative direction for Lauba Bistro

Research / Brand Strategy / Creative Space Direction / Event Curation / Social Media Strategy

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“Place to play. Play with flavors. Play with pairing food with wine. Play with your friends around the table.”


Bistro Lauba is a home of food, people and art in the west part of Zagreb, Croatia. It is a place where lines between food and art are getting blurry.

Within the four walls of the restaurant, consumers engage with more than the menu -  they immerse themselves in the complete brand experience, engage with bespoke service touchpoints, and explore the dining atmosphere. As such, players in this space don’t just charge for their food, but also put a price  on the complete value proposition that they provide. 

To create holistic restaurant experience, we worked on 4 different experiences:
1. Interior Design
2. Visual Identity
3. Events
4. Digital Communication

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Our concept proposes mixture of events, where bistro and gallery act like one. Art becomes an extension of the bistro, and food becomes a common base for expressing and sharing artistic thoughts and ideas. Chef becomes one of the artists in the gallery. Bistro Lauba and Lauba Exhibition House become one entity connected in creation of unique exhibition and dining experience.


Setting the art, gastronomy and food in new context and space evokes new perceptional dimensions and valorization of creativity where the accent is on personal approach, authenticity and creativity.

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To complement the approachable elegance of Bistro Lauba’s cuisine, the interior design should be characterized as sophisticated casual.
The design should be an artful mix of old and new, honest and refined. Like the old horse house itself, Bistro Lauba has roots in the past and aspirations for the future.

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